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Years 5 and 6: Light Fantastic


Powerpoint Resources

All resources developed by Paul Brandon, Senior Project Officer (Primary Science) Strategic Learning, Queensland Museum 2011 and available under Creative Commons for educational purposes.

Aspects of light

Light and optics

Shadows, Reflection, Refraction, Lenses, Concave Mirrors, Optical Devices from (

Mirrors, lenses and your eyes from (

Reflection of Light from Science Learning Hub

Reflection and Refraction from My Schoolhouse

How Does Light Travel?

Sources of light

Light bending and bouncing

Curved lens experiment from BBC Splash

How can a water-filled plastic straw be used to decode a secret message? In this science experiment the Surfing Scientist demonstrates how lenses with a curved surface do curious things to light.

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Video Resources on Twig and Clickview

What is Light?
Splitting Light
Manipulating Light

The Light
Lenses and Mirrors
Refraction and Images
Shedding Light on Refraction

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