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Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak Library: Junior Research Toolkit

The Research Cycle

The Research Cycle 

  1. Plan how you will tackle the research.
  2. Identify possible resources to use (books, websites, other).
  3. Locate resources in the library and online.
  4. Evaluate the resources you have found critically.
  5. Document the details of the resources you use

Search Engines

          Duck Duck Go searches the best sites, not the most sites   A Search Engine designed for Students

              Wolfram Alpha is great for factual queries, especially
              in Maths and Science


       Improve your search results by using Google's advanced
                        search features

Safe Search Kids Google Safe Search for Kids

KidzSearch - Safe Search Engine.  Kidzsearch

Image result for kidrex image KidRex

Image result for Swiggle

Is this site credible?

Cartoon used under Creative Commons from

Cathy Schrock's 5 Ws of Website Evaluation


Research Organiser

Save this Research Organiser to your computer and use it to record your research, your key facts and YOUR OWN WORDS.

Copyright- free Images

Do not cite images in your bibliography. Follow the example below:



Accessing Library resources


Sign in to World Book via the Portal Library Online Resources link

Sign in to Britannica via the Portal Library Online Resources link
Sign in to Clickview using your school email address

Sign in to Twig via the Portal Library Online Resources link

Image result for newsbank

Sign in to Newsbank via the Portal Library Online Resource link

eBooks & Audio

Sora (Years 5/6 only)

TWLH Chart

We use a TWLH chart to show our thoughts and ideas about a topic. Save this blank TWLH chart to your computer.