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KQED Science

Articles, blog posts and videos on engaging topics and pressing issues. Find content on climate, physics, health, geology, astronomy, biology, engineering, careers in STEM and more more MORE.

NASA Global Climate Change

Everything you need to know about climate change in a collection of articles, videos, images and infographics, all with citations and links to original sources. Explore climate change over time, across all countries and from multiple perspectives.

Insight: a comic

In this comic from The Oatmeal, we take a trip into space, all the way to Mars. Spoilers: there's a mole


Explore renewable resources and alternatives to fossil fuels while planning your own sustainable city! Build power grids, housing developments, industrial zones and parks in combinations that create a liveable community for 200 people.

Science Friday

Science Friday gives you ALL the reasons to love science! Explore podcasts, videos, articles and educational resources on topics ranging from how we know what dinosaurs looked like to the history of the scientist who collected the chin hairs of elephants.

California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences is an aquarium, planetarium, rainforest and natural history museum in San Francisco, but their website shares many of their wonderful resources with the world. Explore unique flora and fauna in detail, watch live animal webcams and learn through their exhibition materials.

All about the Mantis Shrimp

You'll learn about the murderous Mantis Shrimps, also how eyes work.

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