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French: Beginning French

5 ways to impress your teacher

  1. Pronounce their name en français, not en Australien

  2. Learn how many countries speak French (see below)

  3. If you visit a French-speaking country, send a post-card! Suggest they pin it to a world map.

  4. Write your name at the top of everything you hand in!

  5. Write your end-of-year thank you card in French. Tell them 2 things you enjoyed about their lesson/teaching.

French on your device

Typing French accent marks:

Acute é option + e , then e
Grave à, è, ù option + `, then the letter
Cédille ç option + c
Circumflex â, ê, î, ô, û option + i, then the letter

ë, ï, ü

option + u, then the letter
Quotation Marks


option + \
option + shift + \

Typing French accent marks:



alt + 130



alt + 133
alt + 138
alt + 151



alt + 135



alt + 131
alt + 136
alt + 140
alt + 147
alt + 150



alt + 132
alt + 137
alt + 139
alt + 129

Quotation Marks


alt + 174
alt + 175

French culture

Do you like croissants? What about chocolate eclairs? Discover more French cakes to try at the bakery.

France is well known for it's amazing pastries and delicious cheese. But would you try some of it's stranger tastes?

France's long and colourful history has provided the French people with many reasons to celebrate. In the French calendar we see religious festivals, political revolutions and relics of ancient pagan rituals right throughout the year. Filmed entirely in France, this exciting program explores five of the most significant of these celebrations: Paques, Mardi Gras, Poisson davril, La Fete Nationale and Noel.

Naughty Napoleon

This episode follows Napoleon as he rises from humble beginnings to be the Emperor of France, bashing most of Europe along the way.

In this charming program we join Sophie and Pierre as they spend a day in Paris visiting some world famous monuments - the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. They take a Batobus on the Seine and walk the renowned Champs Elysees, stopping for lunch at an outdoor cafe. Throughout the program we see simple French at work in practical situations.

Immersion - learn by watching

Tante Cécile is having a birthday party, but she has forgotten the names of everyone she invited! In this interactive video  learn to describe yourself and your family members, and eat gâteau.

Tante Cécile is having guests over to her house, but she has no food in the kitchen! In this interactive video, learn how to write a shopping list, find out where to purchase goods, and how to interact with a shopkeeper.

Why learn a new language?


Quick Links

Where is Paris?

Paris is not in the middle of France. But where is it?

Maximise this map to find out.

Where is French spoken?

Order a baguette in Paris. Or okra in Senegal.

French is an official language of 31 countries.