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Prep to Year 4: Explorers

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Welcome to our Explorers page. Use this page to find information about different explorers.

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Explorer videos

Websites about Explorers

Christopher Columbus

BBC - Christopher Columbus - Information, fun facts, images, quiz and a game.

Christopher Columbus - Exploration.  A long article on Columbus.  Some good supporting videos.

Christopher Columbus: Explorer.  Enchanted learning.

Explorers for Kids: Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus Biography for Kids

Captain Cook

Captain Cook - History - BBC.

Explorers for Kids: Captain James Cook.

Life on the Endeavour Find out what it was like to travel on the ship the Endeavour with Captain Cook

Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia - James Cook.  A long article about his different voyages.

Captain Cook. Information about Captain Cook.

ABC: James Cook Finding your way Find out how Captain James Cook navigated the world on his different voyages.

Neil Armstrong

Explorers for Kids: Neil Armstrong

DK Find out: Neil Armstrong. A good place to start your research.

Biography and short film clip

Edmund Hillary

Explorers for Kids: Edmund Hillary

Short Biography

Relive Sir Edmund Hillary’s trek to the top of Everest

Sir Edmund Hillary

Mount Everest information


Robert Scott

DK Find out: Robert Scott. A good place to start your research.

Biography of Robert Scott

Scott Polar Research Institute

Burke and Wills

Burke and Wills Research Archive. Lots of information about Burke and Wills.

Burke and Wills Expedition 1860 Find out about their expedition from north to south in Australia

Information about the expedition

Explorer videos