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Prep to Year 4: Night and Day

Subject Guides

Introduction to Day and Night

What causes day and night?

Click on the picture to play a game to learn about night and day.

What causes Day and Night?

Click on the picture below to see animation

Starry starry night

The Vincent van Gogh painting 'The Starry Night', showing a deep blue swirling night sky with a yellow moon and stars over a village dominated by a spired church tower

Above: The Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van Gogh, public domain, no copyright

How do you know it's a starry night?

What colours are used?

How has the artist painted the light of the moon and stars?

Learn about Shadows

Click on the picture to play this game and learn about shadows.

Tig Tag and Clickview film clips

Log in to Tig Tag or Clickview via this link to the Portal


The Sun as a Light Source (all about shadows). Also The Sun as a Light Source - odd one out

Night and Day


All About the Moon

All About the Sun

Cycles and Seasons

The Structure of the Solar System

Quick Links

T Chart

A T Chart organises facts so we can understand them.

Word Wall - do you know the meaning of these words?

planet universe reflection
rotation galaxy orbit
axis solar system shadow
sphere astronomer star

Annotated Diagram

An annotated diagram is a picture with labels to explain what is happening.

Click here to see an example of an annotated diagram of day and night from DK Findout!