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Years 5 and 6: Cyclones and Floods

Clickview and World Book online

Remember to search for information about cyclones and floods in

World book online and ClickView.

World Book

Search in Kids or in Student using the words cyclone and flood to find information about your topic.


Search in Clickview using the words cyclone and flood or watch the Clickview videos in the boxes below.


Cyclone facts for kids by Kiddle Encyclopedia online. Learn about different types of cyclones.

Cyclones by KidCyber. Basic information about cyclones.

Everything you need to know about cyclones by ABC News. Clear information and short video about cyclones.

Formation of a tropical cyclone by Clickview. Video with good graphics about cyclone formation.

Tropical cyclone by Britannica. Basic information about cyclones and what causes them.





Cyclone and Flood videos from Clickview


Flood by Britannica. General information about floods.

Flood facts for kids by Rene Smith at Science Kids. General information about floods.

Flood facts for kids by Kiddle Encyclopedia online. Learn about the causes and effects of floods

Flooding explained. Short video which explains different causes of flooding and provides some safety tips.

Floods by KidCyber. Learn about different types of floods.

Why do floods happen? Simple fun video explaining floods.