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Years 5 and 6: Droughts and Bushfires

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World book online, Britannica online and ClickView.

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Search using the words bushfire and drought to find information about your topic.


What is a drought?

Drought facts for kids by Kiddle Encyclopedia onilne. Learn about droughts and what causes them


Drought by Britannica. Basic information about droughts.

Drought By Coolaboo. Basic information about droughts.

Drought by KidCyber. Basic information about droughts.

Drought for Kids by the National Drought Mitigation Center. Information about drought including how it affects our lives and why people study drought.

What is drought, how long does it last and what is a drought declaration? by News Corp. Information about drought in Australia.

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What is a bushfire?

What is a bushfire? by National Geographic Kids. Learn about bushfires and what causes them


Bushfires by KidCyber. Looks at the damage caused by bushfires and the causes of bushfires

Bushfire facts for kids by Kiddle Encyclopedia online. Information about bushfires in Australia including a list of major bushfires.

How do bushfires start? by The Conversation. Looks at what a bushfire needs to start and burn.