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Years 5 and 6: Volcanoes

Clickview and World Book online

Remember to search for information about volcanoes in

World book onlineClickview, Tig Tag and Twig.

World Book

Search in Kids or in Student using the word volcano to find information about your topic.


Search in Clickview using the word volcano or watch the Clickview videos in the boxes below.

Twig and TigTag

In SEQTA go to P-12 Resources page for the direct link to Twig and Tig Tag and search using the word volcanoes.

Volcano videos and images

All about volcanoes by Free School.

Types of volcano by DK Findout!  Excellent images and descriptions of volcanoes

Volcanoes for kids By Clarendon Learning.



Volcano videos from Clickview

Volcano facts

17 Explosive volcano facts! by National Geographic Kids. General information about volcanoes.

Volcanoes by KidCyber. Basic information about volcanoes.

Volcano facts for kids by Kiddle Encyclopedia online. Learn about different types of volcanoes and how they are formed.